Principal owners - Claude Barbon & Joe Mittica.

About Us

Jonathans was established at its present site on Smith Street, Collingwood in 1976 by Jonathan Gianfreda (1950-2004). In almost thirty six years, it is has become an important player in the Melbourne foodie scene.. Jonathan's tradition of excellence continues under the management of Joe Mittica and Claude Barbon. Both have a long history with Jonathan's, having served their apprenticeships and then going on to partner Jonathan for several years.

Jonathan's famous sausages are renown throughout Melbourne, and are sold around Australia. Other favourite products include the home cooked pies (available in chicken, beef and duck) and the lamb a la grecque. Jonathan's remains a model of the very best of the butchers craft and the perfectly trimmed noisettes or rib roasts are a delight for all meatlovers. Charcuterie remains a speciality. Joe and Claude also enjoy a challenge and like nothing better than to ponder how to best fill an unusual request.