Oxtail In Red Wine

2.5 kg Oxtail

1 Onion cut into brunoise

2.5 litres red wine (reduced by half)

1 litre chicken stock

1.5 litres of beef stock

0.5 head of garlic

0.5 stick fresh rosemary 

Red wine vinegar to deglaze

25g butter

25g olive oil

Flour for dusting
salt and pepper

1. Cut excess fat off oxtails. Pass through the seasoned flour.

2. Heat the butter and oil in a braising pot and seal the oxtail on all sides. Remove the oxtails and place in a roasting tray.

3. Add the onion brunoise, garlic and rosemary. Saute these ingredients until transparent, deglaze with the red wine vinegar and reduce until almost evaporated.

4. Add the red wine and both stocks and bring up to the boil. Pour the liquid over the oxtails and cover with foil. Place in an oven on 170 degrees for 2 hours.

5. When cooked, strain the cooking liquid into a pot (skim of all the fat) and reduce until desired sauce consistency, check the seasoning.

6. Take all of the meat off the bones and pour the sauce over the meat. Serve with a coarse mash of baby carrots and caramelised parsnips.

(Serves 6)

Recipe c/- Bill Marchetti, Miettas Recipes from Australian Chefs